The ODESSA A. SHAW MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established by Grambling University Alumni Association Los Angeles to encourage students who reside in Southern California to attend Grambling State University. The scholarship fund is to assist students who are in need of financial assistance in order to attend an institution of higher education.



The scholarship is open to students in Southern California who has been accepted to Grambling State University. The student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.


Selection Process

The Scholarship Committee will consider these criteria in making their selection:

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Financial Need
  3. Letter of recommendation from teacher, mentor, employer, etc.
  4. Statement of Educational goals and career objectives.



The scholarship recipients will receive recognition each year during the month of March at Grambling University Alumni Association Los Angeles annual Odessa A. Shaw Memorial Scholarship Breakfast. The recipients photos will be placed on the associations website and other social network sites affiliated with the organization.

Application Instructions

Students must complete the application form (see reverse) and submit it to Grambling University Alumni Association Los Angeles Scholarship Chairman. The application must be post marked by April 30 of each year.

Additional Requirements

The scholarship recipient will be requested to write a thank-you letter to Grambling University Alumni Association Los Angeles. Prior to the end of the fall semester, recipients should send photos of their campus life experiences to the scholarship chairman or designee in order for the committee to create a photo collage and slide show. At the end of each semester, the recipients must email or mail a copy of his or her semester final grades.


Scholarship Renewals

If students receiving Odessa A. Shaw Memorial Scholarships continue to qualify in subsequent academic years, it shall be renewable for a total of four years, but recipient must submit a renewal application each and every year to be considered for continued support. To remain eligible for the Odessa A. Shaw Memorial Scholarship, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Use of Scholarship Funds

Odessa A. Shaw Memorial Scholarship stipulates that all scholarship funds specifically used for educational purposes. They can be used for other educational expenses, including: housing, registration, textbooks, lab fees, uniforms, tools, and other equipment required by a student’s course of study.


Scholarship Awards Timeline

Grambling University Alumni Association Los Angeles provides recipients with their allotment of scholarship funds twice annually: prior to the fall term (August of each year) and prior to the spring term (January of each year). The will provide the funds to students as early as possible in these months in order to allow for students to pay any fees owed to the University and purchase text books, supplies, etc.

Odessa A. Shaw Memorial Scholarship Requirements

Once a student receives an Odessa A. Shaw Memorial Scholarship, they should be prompted to take the following action:
Send a thank you letter to GUAALA for its generous support. The scholarship chairman or correspondence secretary will forward the letters to the Executive Board.


Grambling University Alumni Association Los Angeles

Post Office Box 882172
Los Angeles, CA 90009


Students will be notified of their status by June 30.

Number of Awards

Varied based on the availability of funds.

Amount of Awards

Students may receive an award amount up to $500 per semester.

Additional Requirements

In addition, the following are requirements necessary for an Odessa A. Shaw Memorial Scholarship to remain in good standing:

  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at all times, according to your college’s policy.
  • Maintain full time enrollment status (12 units or more) to qualify for initial and all subsequent payments.*
  • Continue to meet all student criteria to remain eligible for a scholarship renewal in the following academic year.
  • Amounts will be adjusted to reflect the student’s enrollment status each term under the following definitions: – Full time (12 or more units per term) = Maximum $500/semester

*If a student’s enrollment status dropped below full-time during a scholarship-supported year for an excusable reason, such as severe illness or a family emergency, then the committee in its discretion can continue scholarship support while adhering to all other program guidelines.


Revocation of Scholarship

The scholarship committee for any of the following reasons may revoke this scholarship:

  1. Students placed on academic probation by the college may be retained on scholarship for one term semester. If at the end of this term, they are not removed from probation by the college or university, the scholarship and future payments are automatically revoked.
  2. Students suspended from the college for academic or other reasons will have their scholarship automatically revoked, effective the date of suspension even though they may be re-admitted by the University.
  3. Any act of misconduct which would bring discredit to the image of the scholarship is subject to review by the Scholarship Committee and Board of Directors and possible revocation.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please send inquires to or call (951) 454-8475.