About Us

The Los Angeles Chapter represents the local chapter of Grambling State University National Alumni Association. It’s a non-profit organization that consists of alumni, supporters and friends of the university.

Purpose & Mission of this organization shall be:

  • To facilitate better communication and relationships between the University, alumni and friends.
  • To encourage the highest type of professional ethics and scholarship among the alumni and students.
  • To stimulate school loyalty, devotion, responsibility and pride.
  • To study any propositions concerning the mutual relationships of the University and the various allied organizations to the end that both will benefit from their close associations.
  • Promote a “Greater Grambling” through the work of the Los Angeles Chapter.
  • Provide financial assistance to students that are from the Southern California area through scholarships.
  • Promote the university thru active High School recruitment. Instill in members that they represent GSU and that their actions reflect upon the university.

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